MHC has extensive experience in electro hydraulics for specifically the super yacht market. A laser focus is specifically applied to the performance orientated sailing yacht market. By having over 20+ years of broad experience in many different electro hydraulic industries further aids in porting higher technology products and processes from other industries into the super yacht industry. The strong reputation was developed by always meeting the customer’s needs and requirements as well as always being available at a moments notice.

MHC focuses on an all integrated holistic approach for the entire electro hydraulic system. All systems are designed with performance, efficiency, noise, features, safety, weight and size, usability, reliability, maintenance, international support, and cost as key targets. The technology incorporated is highly innovative and state-of-art while still being simplistic and intuitive to operate. The systems are uniquely compact while still balancing maintainability and service. All hydraulic power units are compact and specifically designed to each engine room layout. All components are proven name brands in the industry and internationally available.


Currently many of the current sailing yachts are being designed and built for both cruising and racing. MHC systems have the ability to easily switch from cruising to sailing modes. In fact, the modes are fully customizable from the operator screen via recipes. Via intuitive software, winch speeds and/or line pulls are can easily be dialed down for cruising mode and then reset to maximum for competitive racing mode. The maximum hydraulic power consumed can also be easily managed and controlled for either cruising or racing modes via unique power controlled pumps utilizing “Power Shift” technology. All systems utilize proven and energy efficient load sensing technology as well as full pressure compensated compact mobile style sectional valves. Pressure compensation provides for consistent function speed at varying loads. In case of an emergency, all functions can easily be operated in manual mode by directly operating manual handles on each function. For safety and efficiency, all functions have pressure limiters as compared to relief valves. Pressure limiters are proven and energy efficient method for controlling a function maximum pressure as compared to full flow relief valves which increase in pressure as flow increases.

MHC control systems utilize industry proven CANopen protocol with a distributed I/O system. All I/O modules are hardened and IP67 for the marine industry. The operator screen is a color touch screen with a simple and intuitive feel. The controller is built into the screen and can easily to connect to other yacht Ethernet communication systems and well as communicate over GSM wireless cell network.

The documentation supplied is comprehensive and of the highest quality. The accuracy and completeness of the hydraulic and electrical schematics are continually updated throughout the life cycle of the yacht.